Your questions answered

How big are the cabins?
Big enough to fit four comfortably, six at a squeeze, or as many as you need to break a world record!

What are the cabin’s dimensions?
4.6 metres long x 3 metres wide x 2.1 metres high

What are the cabins made from?
The cabins are hand-crafted using cedar shingles to the exterior, and tongue-and-groove to the interior. The cabins come with either carpet or laminate flooring as standard, with roller blinds fitted to the front doors and rear window.

What do I need to consider before buying my cabins?
Once you have decided where to site your cabins, it is worth checking with your local authority to determine whether or not you will need planning permission. The natural wood styling of the cabins are very sympathetic to their environment, and far more pleasant to look at than a static caravan! The cabins also require very little ongoing maintenance, but we think you’ll find yourself lavishing them with love.

How quickly will a cabin pay for itself?
Hire rates for cabins range from £35 per night, so you could recover the cost of the cabin after only one season. Cabins also allow you to extend a normal camping season. Providing a fantastic alternative to camping under canvas, they will bring in new custom to your site, and may attract attention from the increasing number of ‘cool’ camping guides.

How soon will I get my cabins?
Contact us for current lead times, and we’ll aim to respond to your time schedule.


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